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Oh, my. This … is cool. I am sitting there, right beside Stephen King, Robert McCammon, and William Peter Blatty. I mean, really?! Are you serious? How cool is that?

Holding a physical copy of my book in my hands was one dream. Being on the shelf next to these guys … that’s another HUGE win. And in time for Halloween, too! Unbelievable!

Thanks to everyone out there who bought and rated my collection!

So happy right now.

It took them 9 days in my case. And that was AFTER I jumped through the hoops of creating a new Apple ID, buying my own block of ISBNs (which I’ll be lucky if I ever use up), and struggled through a day of format wars with their fussy epub validation process. But now I have a book on the iBookstore … which will have a rating just as soon as I meet the minimum number of required ratings to have them actually display a rating.

I’d still be unrated on Barnes and Noble and Amazon if I were waiting to get over five reviews.

Sometime soon, the physical paperback version should be available on Amazon (and elsewhere? that part is murky to me; I signed up for an many channels as I could on, so who knows where this thing is available now). For now, it’s available through the link on the sidebar on CreateSpace’s estore. This is a better place to buy it from in terms of getting money directly to me; Amazon’s store lops another 3 bucks off my take.

Should be getting my own box of books soon. Looking forward to it. I’ve dreamed of opening a box of my own books for so long … if only it meant I was actually validated. Still waiting for the first review from someone I don’t know …

I Held My Breath as Long as I Could Cover

Cover Art, I Held My Breath as Long as I Could

And then there were only two weeks left.

Holy crap. The nerves, oh, the nerves. Was up late last night, finishing reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, a great book, when I found myself amusing myself by reading some of the reviews that were published of Wilde’s book when it came out. Great stuff. The kind of stuff anyone who’s received a critical drubbing would love to read. I wonder how many critics who give a scathing review to something consider what it would be like to end up the kind of critic who panned Dorian Gray. The reviewers who ripped it to shreds seemed both arrogant and ridiculously wrong–what a wonderful combination.

I also appreciate Wilde’s confidence in his own work. The man called his own book a classic. What a guy.

I fear what people might say about me after they read “Doggie-Style.” I might really be in some trouble for that one, but I’ve thought it through and decided there’s no point holding back. Either I do what I do, or I do nothing at all. “Doggie-Style” is a messed up horror story of questionable worth, but it is certainly mine. If there’s such a thing as a “Kris Kelly story,” well, “Doggie-Style” would definitely be one of them. This whole collection drips with my issues. I’m naked on this one. So be it.

Man, oh, man … I really hope people get this stuff.

In other news, to sell an eBook on Apple’s iBookstore, it turns out I couldn’t be registered to sell both apps and ebooks. I had to create a whole new Apple ID to register as an eBook seller.

Apple doesn’t want me to diversify.