Daily Words: +1016

keyboard… annnnnnnd, still alive!

Know what the great thing about a 500-word-a-day quota is? I’ll tell you: It’s that if you miss a day, it is remarkably easy to make up the deficit.

(Of course, if you miss a whole series of days, that’s a different story; I’m still averaging only around 220-words-a-day since I started this venture.)

Soooooo … Yes. I missed yesterday to write a silly fucking post about video games as art, because that’s more important than Daukherville, clearly.

I was trying to get Roger Ebert to re-tweet my shit in order to increase exposure to this blog. I admit it. Well … that’ll learn me. Today, I was back at the keys, pounding out the novel again. Verdict: It was far more rewarding.

No one–fucking no one–was interested in yesterday’s piece.


On a positive note … Make an iTunes ‘genius’ playlist from Nirvana’s “About a Girl.” I did, and it’s playing right now, and it’s an amazing playlist.

Do I feel awesome for having a day full of work, presentations, Spanish class, grocery shopping, roommate hanging out, and STILL finding a way to make today’s quota while picking up the slack for yesterday?

Hells yeah. I feel awesome.

Today, I go to bed an accomplished man.

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