Daily Words: +1176

KeyboardOkay, so I missed yesterday because of trivia and the post-trivia movie night with the roommates. Not a great excuse, because I did have an hour between work and the bar, but I used it to watch the Red Sox/Blue Jays game and have dinner. Sue me.

But tonight, wow, did I ever not want to write! Finally got back on the horse after falling asleep watching more Red Sox baseball (I know, addiction here I come, but they’re winning! I like to watch them win!), woke up at about 9pm to finally get my act in gear.

For all that, I think the scene was pretty fun. I’ve got a few great scenes lined up, I think, and I hope they’re entertaining enough because this section really could run the risk of being boring or repetitive.

Nobody likes that.

What everybody does like: another Red Sox win! Looks like they’ll sweep the series against the Blue Jays. Only top of the 9th as I write this, but Sox lead 2-0 …

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  1. Mrs. Lady said:

    I WILL sue you. I will sue the pants off of you. And then I’m going to be on kris kelly and not just on kriskelly.com.

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