Daily Words: +1595 ( … Broke 60,000!! )

KeyboardSoooooo … guess what didn’t happen on Friday or Saturday? No writing! Not a word! Why? Because I had work and Spanish class Friday night, then it was hangout with the boys time, and Saturday I was wiped out and lazy. I watched a movie, Un Prophete, which I will review probably soon, but that’s not enough. Isn’t it inspiring to read about someone working so hard on their dream?

Not really? Ok. No. I don’t suppose it is.

A friend of mine once said, in an effort to goad me into writing again, “You’re not a writer. You’re a librarian who likes to call himself a writer.” These are haunting words, and they’re what I deserve after two days of slacking.

So today, as you may or may not be able to tell, it was more procrastination. Went to a matinee of Kick-Ass, reviewed it (it took way too long to write that little scrap of opinion), and played some Peggle before I finally got down to writing anything real.

And oh yeah … I then took a break to watch Survivor and Treme with the roommates. Great shows, but was I writing. Nope!

Is 500 words a day really so hard?

So I made up the deficit of the last two days and then some. Not bad, but I know I would actually be further along if I’d actually worked those last two days.

As far as what I wrote goes, I actually liked it. It was pretty fun to write. I was making my way through a big reveal tonight, and I think it ended up being a pretty great moment. Always fun when you get to write a big scene like that.

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