Daily Words: +2003

KeyboardWell, I’m not entirely sure that having the ability to watch all the Red Sox games I want to helps my writing, but I was able to get another scene onto the page. It has the semblance of a dramatic form, too, but I don’t know … might be time to re-read and see how the whole thing feels. Sometimes, it can be hard to draw the emotional arcs of my characters day-to-day, especially if I’ve left them for a a couple scenes or so.

But hey–it’s all progress. All my main characters have now been briefed on the main thrust of the plot, which is just great. But I’m sneaky in that I’ve structured the story a bit bizarrely. Correct for the story, but you won’t maybe understand that entirely until you get to the end.

Or something. Blah, blah, blah.

It’s time to go watch Nightmare on Elm Street with the roommates. I’m done with the writing life for today.

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