Daily Words: +2295

keyboard(sheepishly avoiding eye contact) … Oh, hello, didn’t see you there. Heh. How have you been?

Yes, okay, fine. I’ve been terrible. Let’s get past that to the more friendly daily celebration. Look at that word count for today, huh? Pretty nice, considering it’s not even the only thing I did today. I also saw a matinee and hung out with my girlfriend’s parents for a few hours.

Of course, I should never work so hard on a day when I do so much other stuff, because then people will just assume that such a word count is easy. The truth is that, over the last nine days, I’ve been thinking about the scenes I wrote today a lot. So today, everything sort of just popped.

I could’ve probably kept going, but it felt important to stop before all my writing turned to drivel.

In my defense, I was sick all last week (still am), but I’m finally feeling more like my old self.

I missed nine days in a row. That’s right. It’s pathetic.

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