Daily Words: +2404 (114,000 Words, Over 200 Pages … and Part 3 of 4 DONE!)

keyboard… Well, sort of done. I was really excited last night about finishing Part 3. It seemed so good in my head, so perfect … until I read it again today and realized I’d done a really skimpy job on the last few pages. Reads like a bad screenplay.


Sigh. It needs work, just like everything else. I’m so frustrated and scared, actually–that’s right, I said it–that I’m not good enough a writer to be in charge of this story. Someone more talented than me should have written it.

It’s raining. I put too much water in my noodles.

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  1. Mrs. Lady said:

    if only you’d put less water in the noodles!!! Gah!!!

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