Daily Words: +2775 (and now over 90,000 total!)

Emu StationJust wanted to let you all (haha) know that I’m still writing, still fighting the good fight, still on track, but just slow to update. I don’t really know what to say here, so I’ve been lazy. But I have been progressing.

I watched Hellraiser again. I love that film. Apart from a goofy final ten minutes and some embarrassing slow motion shots (with slowed-down dialogue, to boot!), it is a pretty damn near perfect horror film. Clive Barker really has put some amazing stuff out there. I don’t think the S&M-style horror of Saw would be around today if Barker wasn’t such a talented guy. Read the introduction to the 2002 version of The Damnation Game, and it really made it sound like Barker was trying not to just be another Stephen King clone. Good for him. I know that, in the end, if Daukherville is ever published, the comparisons to King will be all over the place. I accept this, and I believe that it would be disingenuous of me not to own up to my roots. At the same time, I have mad respect for people with strong identities and unique visions.

But then I look at my title up there. I look at that word: Daukherville. It’s really cool. I’ve come up with a lot of lousy place names in my time, but Daukherville is not one of them.

On and on we go!

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    where you been bro?

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