Daily Words: +3661 (Halfway Mark! Celebration Time!)

Emu StationThe pages, the pages!

Well, okay, so here’s the deal, I didn’t actually give you a tally for yesterday (something like 500 plus a few) or Sunday (a little over 800), but it’s because I was trying to undo the damage done by a several-day hiatus during which I went to my 10-year College reunion. I know, having a blast and living like a college student in my old dorm isn’t any excuse, but man …

I brought it home tonight.

Part Two of Daukherville is in the tank. For those who want a teaser, the four sections of the book are:

  • Part One: The Hole in the Wall I Called Home
  • Part Two: … And That’s When I Knew I’d Never Be Alone Again
  • Part Three: I Guess No One Ever Told Them Not to Trust a Clown
  • Part Four: Today We’ll All Get to See What Happens Next

Cool, right? I like ’em. Well, after struggling with what amounted to Part One for the last ten or so years, I powered through not only that piece of the story, but I’ve also fought my way back through the second act, as well. As the story develops, I’m getting more and more excited about all the things I’ve planned for the end of the novel. I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking for years on this one, and now I’m finally get back to the point where I get to put it all to paper again.

And based on the fireworks in the story tonight … it’s going to be a blast to write it all.

I love this fucking story! Goddamn I can’t wait for everyone to read it.

(And even though I’m proud of my output this evening, I want to say that I’m sorry I’ve lapsed on the movie reviews and am inconsistent with my Ten-Minute Writes … but you have to sometimes ignore the bullshit if the real shit is happening, you know? I know you know.)

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