Daily Words: +659

KeyboardIt’s always easy to meet a goal in the beginning, and today is no exception. Distracted by this blog itself (messing around with styles, fonts, and plugins can really make the hours fly), I still managed to turn up the Gogol Bordello and crank out the day’s quota (with some to grow on).

This is only the fourth time in my life that I’ve passed the 100-page mark (single-spaced pages, baby–the way the crazies write). Right this moment, I guess I’m feeling like the book is flawed, clumsy, a bit of a pile of shit, really, but how else am I going to learn? Besides, this book is my freaking albatross; if I don’t put it down soon, it is going to be the end of me.

I sometimes think about what it would be like to finish it again. It’s such a sweet thought.

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  1. Mrs. Lady said:

    On starting a novel, Garp told Dean Whitcomb:

    “It’s like trying to make the dead come alive… No, no, that’s not right – it’s more like trying to keep everyone alive, forever. Even the ones who must die in the end. They’re the most important to keep alive”

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