Daily Words: +839

Emu StationWhat a horrible day of writing. It took so much to get the words going tonight. I was staring at the first two sentences of the day forever.

So let’s examine: Why did I hate it? I hated it because it was not very dramatic exposition. It was flat. It sits there now, unfinished, just staring at me and waiting for me to go back to it. It cackles. It’s insane. It knows itself for the shitty writing that it is.

So why do it at all? Well, I’ll tell you: I do it because it seemed like a fairly logical thing to do, and also because I need to clarify the history for myself again. When did the things that happened in the past happen? What is the exact sequence of events. Likely, it will all be edited out of the final draft, but I wrote it because I myself have to get it down and start making some of the elusive bits more real.

I’m also facing a strange challenge with respect to the backstory: a lot of the history needs to have happened at specific times, so do I slap a year on the present-day events? I think I have to. But which year do I choose? Do I choose 2010, because that’s this year, or do I choose 2012 …

Wait a minute. 2012 could work. I could make fun of the Mayan calendar. It’s not a bad year to set the story in, considering I thought I’d lost all sorts of cred when I lost the ability to set it around the year 2000. But 2012 could be even better.

Or not. I don’t know. Bottom line is: I couldn’t get going, I forced myself to do it, it’s definitely crappy writing, but it’s still writing.

So there.

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