Daily Words: +847

keyboardToday I got a belated birthday gift from my girl Amanda: It’s a Daukherville t-shirt, black with white lettering, and it is badass. I love it, and I’m wearing it now. On the back, she’s quoted one of my characters:

I have run away with the circus.
— J.S. 6/21/78

(That’s 1878 for those not in the know.)

So yeah, I guess I felt a little spurred on by the shirt. That, and today I wrote about two very strange-looking people having a face-to-face in a hospital. I’m pretty sure I’ll beef it up later, but the initial pass is pretty fun.

Now I’m going to try to do a Ten-Minute Write. Why? Because they’re fun, and I don’t do them as often as I should.

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