Daukherville Cover Art

Daukherville Cover Art

That’s all. What more is there to say? It’s approx. 170,000 words, which is probably a bit long. It probably needs a lot of additional work, editing, rewriting, and paring down. This is actually probably only the halfway point. But you know what?

I haven’t finished a book since 1996. Not even in draft form, which, let’s be serious, is all I ever write anyway. The book is done. I could pass out copies, and people could read it and get a complete story–beginning, middle, and end.

And I know it’s late, and I’ve just been balling my eyes out as I typed, but sweet baby jeebus, I think this one’s good.

I think it’s really good.

  1. I really want to read Daukherville. Is it in a secret vault or are you allowing people to read it?

  2. Kris said:

    Secret vault for now. There’s a deus ex machina bit in the end that I have to get rid of before I let anyone else read it. But soon! … very soon.

  3. Ok then, put me on the list. Just finished Duma Key…great book

    • Kris said:

      You’re on the list, most definitely! Glad you liked Duma Key, I did, too. Thought it was one of his better ones in a while. Some of the scenes of painting / ghostly interaction scared me.

  4. GeorgeB said:

    Publish it so all can read, it is time

    • Kristopher Kelly said:

      Not time yet, trust me.

  5. Dave said:

    Congrats on finishing. A big milestone. Now on to the fun part 🙂

    Big King fan, but I haven’t read Duma Key yet. Sounds like it’s good based on your responses here.

    • Kristopher Kelly said:

      Thank you, Dave. I wish I could say it was going well, but it’s not. I’ve turned to short fiction to teach myself how to edit.

      Daukherville is very much on my mind, but editing, at least for me, is an exceedingly hard fight against the urge to tear it all apart and start again from page one. Which I did. With Daukherville. Again.

      The book sucks. Still.

      • Dave said:

        I hear you on that … editing can be a real pain, and sometimes I want to take my current project, print it out, and burn it … then erase my hard drive. But the darn thing won’t let me go. It’s got its hooks me and it’s holding on hard. So I guess it’s telling me I have to finish it up 🙂

        I waffle between thinking I’m brilliant to thinking I utterly suck as a writer. I spend most of my time on the suck side of things 🙂

        Keep on writing and editing. We’ll all get there eventually.

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