Review: Last Days of the Dog-Men: Stories

Last Days of the Dog-Men: Stories
Last Days of the Dog-Men: Stories by Brad Watson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eight great short stories about people, dogs, life, light, and darkness. Watson can write the hell out of a sentence while telling some of the most surprising stories you’re likely to find. These are rough Southern pieces, steeped in an unflinching but fair view of humanity, recommended for serious readers who aren’t looking for sentimental Disney-ish stories about people and the pets they love. A few of these qualify in my opinion as flat-out horror stories. So … be warned. Marley and Me this is not.

Standouts in the collection for me are the title story, “Agnes of Bob,” and “Kindred Spirits,” but really they’re all terrific. I’m always inspired by Watson’s prose and gift for the unexpected.

Highly recommended for adventurous readers who don’t mind some harsh realism.

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